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Trinidad & Tobago: A Caribbean leader

Half a century after gaining independence, Trinidad and Tobago enjoys a stable and prosperous reputation. Today, it is looking to tackle social issues as it begins to shift economic emphasis away from oil and gas and become a knowledge economy

Focus on Tanzania


CBS Lazaro Nyalandu Minister Of Tourism

Q&A with Lazaro Nyalandu, Minister of Tourism of Tanzania

Tanzania’s Tourist Minister discusses their strategy for attracting visitors, the importance of local culture and the government’s commitment to conserve the environment.


Trinidad & Tobago

Finance Port Of Spain

Trinidad and Tobago strikes a sustainable balance

Trinidad and Tobago’s impressive economic growth generates questions about how development can be maintained in the right, responsible way.

Trinidad & Tobago

Profile: Dr Bhoendradatt Tewarie, minister of planning and sustainable development

Bhoendradatt Tewarie

Dr. Tewarie highlights Trinidad and Tobago’s efforts to become a diversified economy while maintaining sustainable development.


SustainableD Homepais

Sustainable development

With a focus on successful sustainable development, the country is taking the right steps to fuel its future.

Brazil focus


CBI Michel Temer Vice President Brazil In France

The Brazilian political landscape, post-protests

“What happened to those people that are no longer poor but suddenly able to dream? For them, freedom and social democracy are no longer enough.” Vice-president Michel Temer talks about what is next for Brazil.


CBI Mauro Borges Lemos President Brazilian Agency Industrial Development ABDI

Brazil’s ‘growing pains’ present new opportunities

Mauro Borges Lemos, president of the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development, sees Brazil in a period of transition and set to become “one of the most important frontiers for international capitalism in the world today.”


HP Gilberto Carvalho Chief Minister Of The General Secretariat Of The Presidency Of Brazil

Q&A with Gilberto Carvalho, Chief Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of Brazil

After serving as former President Lula's chief of staff for eight years, Gilberto Carvalho has been President Dilma’s general secretary for three years.



CBI Wu Zhiliang President The Macau Foundation

Q&A with Wu Zhiliang, president of the Macau Foundation

While Macau is still best-known for its casinos, Wu Zhiliang explains how funds collected from a levy on the city's booming gambling industry allow the Macau Foundation to fund research, promote cultural exchanges and raise awareness of the city's five centuries of rich history and traditions.

Iraqi Kurdistan

Baroness Emma Nicholson

Interview with Baroness Emma Nicholson

In her role as Executive Chairman of the Iraq Britain Business Council, Baroness Nicholson discusses the organisation's work in Iraq, particularly the business development opportunities in the Kurdistan Region.


Spain HomeCover

Branding a country

Q&A with The High Commissioner for Brand Spain


BG Ceo

Interview with BG's President

The following year after Mr Silva's arrival, British Gas began production on the enormous Lula oil field, first discovered in 2006 and leading the pre-salt boom in Brazil’s offshore oil industry.

Spotlight on tourism


CBS Miguel Torruco Marques Secretary Of Tourism

Q&A with Miguel Torruco Marques, Secretary of Tourism, Mexico City

Miguel Torruco Marques is working on transforming Mexico City into a tourism destination, getting the word out about its cuisine, cultural offerings, and heritage.

Highlighted stories


HP Ramotar And Xi Jing Ping

Guyana and China: A history of economic and cultural ties

After 41 years of friendship and cooperation, the bilateral relationship with Guyana continues to flourish as China plays a key role in investing in the country's future.


HomePais President Aliyev With Angela Merkel

A golden partnership, a golden opportunity

Links between Germany and Azerbaijan span two centuries, and today the two countries are building on these ties to develop partnerships – both political and economic.


Homepais Olympics

Baku: Olympic city

In recent years, Azerbaijan has been using its booming economy to invest in sporting success and is now looking forward to 2015, when its capital Baku will play host to the inaugural European Olympic Games.


Hp Impact Of The World Cup

Can the World Cup change Brazil's image abroad?

The World Cup offers an opportunity for Brazil to publicise its lesser-known charms. Six of the country's key figures reveal the country's other side.


HomeP GG

Going green

A year after taking office, Gibraltar's Environment Minister John Cortes has set out an agenda that puts sustainable development and renewable energy at the heart of the territory's future.


The Report   Mexico   Inv 006

Next world-class corridor

With modern infrastructure and a geo-strategic location, Mexico hopes to become a key commercial and trans-shipment hub for the region.


The Bermuda of the Indian Ocean?

Mauritius Sunset Showing  003

After decades of investment in education and infrastructure, Mauritius is capitalising on its strategic location to position itself as an advanced financial services centre.

Sri Lanka

Tourism   The Report Sri  006B

Sri Lanka smile

Sri Lanka is fast regaining its spot on the tourist map, with its warm, friendly people the key attraction.



CBI Seychelles Islands

Seychelles: A travel option for curious tourists

“Tourism is the mainstay of our economy. We have a dedicated minister, but it’s the private sector that is driving the work forward.” These words, spoken by Elsia Grandcourt, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, are sure to cause pangs of envy among many African tourism institutions.

A leader's outlook



Q&A with the new Premier of Bermuda Craig Cannonier

After 5 months in office the Premier has some clear objectives to ensure the island’s long-term future. These include bolstering Bermuda’s reputation as a venue of choice for financial services, developing sustainable tourism and educating top-notch talents at home.